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Borgarello: A small town as an innovative driver of a unique challenge that we believe beneficial to the entire district. This can be possible thanks to the contribution of our local citizens but also to anyone else that believes in our initiative. Therefore we ask you to join us and participate to this new scenario of linking the villa in Borgarello to its neighbor communities and build plus improve valuable relationships that will last throughout time. This humble and wonderful initiative will increase the local tourist industry: by organizing visits to the Certosa Monument and the County of Tre Miglia where the Pavia Battle took place in 1525, and through an accurate visit planning to the prestigious Visconteo Park, this cathedral and its beautiful surroundings will become a rich attraction for this area. Join our project!


volontario Becoming a volunteer is a unique opportunity to occupy your free time in the best possible way, to live a gratifying experience and to expand your competencies and skills whilst living your passion together with other persons that share the same interests. Joining Villa in Comune as a volunteer is of a huge importance for the whole community. It means that you contribute in a proactive way to the completion and protection of a humble, beautiful and leading cultural project that is in the interest of everyone.


donazioni Through a small donation you will personally contribute to finalize the most ambitious part of the Villa in Comune project, that is to purchase, restore, safeguard and return Villa Mezzabarba to the local community. Being a partner of Villa in Comune does not mean any obligation to you, but will be the difference for the project!